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I have decided to wipe EVERYTHING and start again. BY ACCIDENT. *facepalm* Yes, EVERYTHING is gone. All my posts, every single thing except the theme and plugins. There probably will be no entries until Sept…well unless something really good happens. Never say never I guess?

It’s really nothing more than myself being stupid and upset. But I think I really need a new start and rebuild this thing. Sort of like Moemoekyun I guess.

EDIT 17/08/10: As you can see, I have been working on the site this past few days, added some new functions (like Twitter), and everything is shaping up. Just need to write the brand new “about” page and work out some minor stuff. Looking for a new theme but nothing attractive so far.

EDIT 21/08/10: Anime and contacts pages back up. About page about 75% done.

EDIT 24/08/10: About page done…RIP to the HK ppl who died in Philippines. Philippines police seriously sucks shit. Sorry for the language but it’s true.

EDIT 28/08/10: I am going to confirm that first post will appear on 01/09/10! Actually itching to come back really bad but I should start on a new month~ This post will be gone on Sept 01. Added “preorders” page.

EDIT 31/08/10: Can’t wait! Will be back officially tmr xDD