Twitter seriously is like a god-sent for it. It’s only been a month since I got it, but I have been using it like almost everyday. It’s like micro-blogging where you blog EVERYTHING, even super simple things like “brushing your teeth”, “eating breakfast”, or even “going to sleep” lol Yes sounds dumb, but it’s amazing imo. I actually love it. Don’t know why I haven’t been using it this past few years but I am glad I finally caught on. xDD It’s also a good tool to use if you are out of the country with lousy internet, and dont have the time to write a full blog post~ The “@” (direct message) function is useful for chatting too since it notifies the other party on their cellphones that they have a direct message xD Another thing I love about twitter is you can tweet by cellphone, and it’s treated as a normal text so that means you can also tweet ANYWHERE you want as long as you have a cellphone and a texting plan. You can also direct message people or get notifications when your follower post new tweets. It’s just a GREAT time killer imo, especially when you are bored in class xDDD Seriously lol. You can also treat it as IM too xDD Lastly your tweets can also be treated as a blog post, or as an entry on facebook. The only -ve is it cannot change facebook status but I don’t really care about that.

Blah, it sounds like I am doing an ad campaign for twitter (since of course it has its disadvantages and I didn’t really talk anything about that), but those are the reasons why I actually use and like twitter xD It has only been a month, and my tweets are already more than ppl who has used it for months and years xDDD Follow me on twitter by clicking on the twitter media icon above!