Epic Dinner @ Momiji!!!!!

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Tonight’s dinner is awesome. Nuff said? xD

Well it was suppose to be at Sogo Sports Bar, but Tubs went early and found out it will be under renovation until Oct 11th. Nice. Not a single word about it on the website. So it’s either go somewhere else or cancel, so obvious we take the first one. Tubs ended up choosing momiji, a Japanese restaurant/bistro/bar that we said we’ll go someday. Fine, it was way further than Sogo, but i’ll give it a try. Turned out it was awesome. DAMN AWESOME lol

The restaurant is new, so the inside is quite clean, and I am glad they actually have authentic japanese working inside (well, at least most of the waiter/waiteress) and I talked a little bit with them in Japanese while walking for the rest of the gang to arrive. And today we got a new guest, Celena~ A very nice girl that I try to get into a hooters outfit so I can take massive pics of her and with her xDDDDD

We were eating, tweeting during the whole night, and I was actually dying to play Love Plus +. Good thing I didn’t bring the DS lol.

Next week, back to HOOTERS! Can’t wait!