Busy week so far!

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What happens when I go out = LOTS of twitting xDD

So yeah, havent been blogging this past few days because it has been busy. A little mini summary I guess?

Fri: I got informed that a subgroup wants to “hire” me to work as a TL for Yosuga no Sora (YNS). Well I can’t say no can I? It’s my fav show this season after all (althou ep 2 was kinda let down, thou still not bad). So what happened was I tl’ed the OP and INS in the span of 2 hours just to show that “I AM QUALIFY TO TL XXXYYY”…it wasn’t pleasant since I started at like 2 am and I was like 30% asleep. And i’ll rather tl the actual episode than songs…trust me, it’s NOT pleasant.

Sat: I don’t think I even did anything that day, then somehow tl yns ep 1 since I was so bored. Wow, I can’t believe I just typed that.

Sun: Darts. The usual. It was a semi good/bad day. I was able to win a number of games, yet still got crapped on by my seniors because well, they are seniors. Bring it on, fuel my fire. That’s seriously what I need.

Mon: Went to Hooters with a few friends, I only ate Online Pokies 20 wings compare to 35 the last time. What a shame. But it was a GREAT time. To be honest, I really don’t know how many times I will be able to go out like this. So I really want to enjoy it while it lasts. The twitting sure was fun xDDDD

Yosuga no Sora afterwards. Nuff said? Then tl’ed till like 4 am because of facebook/twitter. They are so addictive to be honest. Well doesn’t help that the pics I took was great…and even better for discussion xDD

Tues: Darts. I performed alright…well of course it have been better, did my best when I shot a 47 from 87 which means I left 40 for the next person to check in 701, got two bulls in one set during crickets, almost checked double 1 in single 501 match, would have really checked if i have more than 1 dart for it, and lastly came back when i was losing by 280 in the second 501 match…well still lost by 140, but seriously, i would have just broke down if it’s like previous weeks but this time I actually came back. If my opponent didn’t check so fucking early i probably would have won. Well no more bitching, gotta bring it again next week.