Well…I am back now.


So yes, I am back now (to be more exact, almost three days ago xD). Sadly. Sorry that I didn’t update the blog during the trip as I don’t have any time at all to. I don’t even ahev time to take care of other minor stuff like approve comments (those are time needed for sleep). Well, that and the wifi REALLY suck ass in those hostels.

It was certainly a good trip, but it could have been better. I guess I cannot expect too much from myself seeing that this is the first time that I went to Japan without a tour guide…so here’s a short list of positives, negatives and stuff I could have done better that I can think of so far~


Finally. My turn. To Japan.


Sorry that I have been slacking on blogging (again), but I guess twitter has really taken over the need to blog since I tend to like to focus on the minor things (and I am lazy). Well the darts report from this Tuesday should come later today, but to be honest I don’t even want to write it because it was just a shame. A pure shame. I will still write it though so I can see this 10-20 years for now and be able to think: “Man i suck SO BAD that night. Good thing I am not like that anymore”.

Anyway, as you can see the Japanese flag, I am able to finally FINALLY say this:

“It’s my turn to go to Japan. FINALLY.”

Plane departs on Friday noon Canada time, and I will arrive Narita on Sat ~3 pm Japan time. I seriously fucking can’t wait. My credit cards can’t wait to be fully utilize, my purse strings are open and ready for spending. OH YEAH. OH YEAH.