Capital One Aspire Mastercard Focus Group


Sorry for the lack of posts, but I am not posting a dart league game post because I played like complete shit on Tuesday night. So bad that I think I need to take a break from darts…so here is a post on something positive! xD

As stated in the title, went to a Capital One Aspire Mastercard forcus group today. It was basically 1.5 hours of discussion about that card (what you like/not like, etc etc), and for this 1.5 hours of time, I get paid $150. That’s $100 PER HOUR!! God how I wish I get paid like this by my job xD …well that or if the thing is 4-5 hours xD

It all started when a sudden phone call to my house one day. I was thinking of not topick up because it’s from a number that I don’t realize. Usually that means it’s a telemarketer which is ARGH. But since I was bored so I decide why not spend sometime and talk to the person. So first the person was actually looking for me…and I was like WTF. Then I was asked if I wanted to participate a focus group and I will get paid *something* for it (I didn’t hear too clearly). Well I have to first qualify for it and I was asked a bunch of credit card questions which I have no problem answering. Then I was told that this study thing is actually at Eglinton and Yonge *facepalm*. Seeing I was free that day, I was like why not. I can always take the subway there since it’s basically right above the subway station.

So my plan is to drive to Scarborough Town Center, take the RT, then the subway to Eglinton station. I haven’t taken the subway here for ages, and seeing that I just got back from Japan, why not do a comparison? The answer? Well not EVEN CLOSE. But I guess that’s obvious right? xD

When I got there, I was asked to enter into a guest room, and there are some sandwiches, drinks and cookies. There were 7 more people there, and we all know we have Cap One cards else we wouldn’t be sitting there xD I was starving so I ate a number of sandwiches, cookies and took a bottle of water xD

Anyway, the focus group starts, and we were told this whole thing will be videotaped, and there are guys sitting behind a one way mirror which makes it like I am being interrogated or something orz However, the atmosphere is pretty relaxing, and I am glad I was given a chance to rant out a couple of things about this card. First of all, I use this card to pay for my plane tickets to Japan thinking I can use the bonus points to cover part of it. However, in order to fully redeem at 2%, I have to enough points to cover the entire ticket! …WTF. A ticket to Narita is like $1000+ plus which requires like more than 100,000 points. The card just came out a few months ago, and there is just no way I have enough to cover it. So I was forced to apply the points as a credit on my statement, and that sucks because I only get back 1.5% instead of 2%. Trust me I was pretty peeved about that.

I also have to say the ppl there are noobs at credit cards. They have like 2-3 credit cards, and I have 11. Well…and to be honest, they don’t really fully know the benefits of this card so it’s just a shame. I can also tell that they haven’t fully research out there because there are better cards out there. However everyone is kind of nice so I didn’t really say anything negative towards them xD

So at the end of the meeting, I was given an enevelope and OMG WTF it’s $150 CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I spent $6 on subway and maybe $10 driving on my car and $2-3 worth of fuel and I got $150?! WHAT A DEAL! xDDDDD

After the meeting is done, met up with a friend at the Town Center, and we chatted for a few hours about my trip to Japan. It was nice since it’s the first time that I really talk to someone about the ANIME side of the trip. Thanks Sarah xDD