2010: Looking back…

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I have an assignment for my designation course that I haven’t finished yet…and it’s due on Thurs noon. So why the hell am I still here?

God knows.

Anyway this is a mini look back on how the previous 11.5 months went. I am sure nothing big is going to happen for the next 10 days anyway so as well write it now since I have the mood atm. Yes, it also means that I might not have the mood on Dec 31st or Jan 1st…but whatever.

Although alot happened this year, all I can say is I have taken a huge step back compare to the last 2-3 years. Let’s start with the positives first however:

– Went to Macau for vacation on Jan, then went back in June again…
– Bought my first ever anime figure (Megahouse Airi *hyper*)
– Joined facebook (fucking finally!)
– Met a few Macau classmates/friends in Macau thanks to fb
– Met an ICQ friend (who I met back in ~1997/98 and haven’t talk to ever since) in Japan
– Attended my first *real* anime convention
– Two nights with anime-ppl in a hotel during the anime convention
– Went to Japan in Nov
– Improved Japanese
– Got to know two friends who lives in Japan, actually met one of them in Akiba
– Reached Aeroplan Elite status
– Reached Airmiles Gold status
– Attended Amex Gold Rewards card preview party
– Graduated with honours from school again
– Joined Twitter
– Started playing darts

Let’s go with the negatives:

– Didn’t save up any money, way way way worst off than last year
– Spent too much (figures, trip to Japan…)
– Still very unhappy on what I am doing and how I am progressing towards my goal
– Japanese still not good enough to be able to have a job in Japan
– Move to Japan will be delayed to 2012 at the absolute earliest (probably even later…)
– WAY TOO MUCH ANIME (even if it’s for learning Japanese/subbing, I mean, I am watching 10+ series alone this winter season)
– WAY TOO MUCH TWITTER (*facepalm*)
– Could not reach all the goals that I set to reach from beginning of year

Hmmm, I am amazed that I somehow came up with more positives than negatives, maybe I am too kind on myself? Anyway, I really consider this year as a huge failure. And hopefully next year will be better? Wrong actually. It has to be better than this year else I am really really screwed. My long term goal? It has still not changed, and it’s to work and live in Japan permanently as soon as possible. That’s really the only thing that has kept me sane and going at things at full speed the past two years…

I remember saying here at the end of 2009 that 2010 will be a very important year, and although it is a failure in my eyes, I still think I accomplished the MOST important thing that I need to accomplish, which is to graduate school and start my designation courses. 2011 will be EVEN more important because I will not only be getting a new degree, I will also be attending my designation courses which are also very important as well. Hopefully 2011 will be a smoother ride than 2010, but well, as long as I am able to accomplish what I need to accomplish, the year will be a good one. WWJD?