Happy Chinese New Year + My Aeroplan Elite “Package”!

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I wish there is something like that in Toronto…YEAH DREAM ON *facepalm*

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Wish you all (and by that I mean this blog’s visitors…anyone there?!) happiness, good health and earn alot of money this year!

I for one, can use some all of the above. Last year wasn’t one of my best years, and that’s an understatement. Although I travelled quite a bit (which leads to the next topic), all four trips leave something to be desired. But I guess there is really no “dream trip” so I should stop my bitching. Besides, four trips in one year…how can I complain? I recall going on only one trip during a five year span before. But yes, that basically means no money saved, and thanks to my friend Leafie Dust, I entered the figure market and have been buying figures like I am some kind of maniac…okay enough lol. And actually speaking of figures, quite a big amount of loot came in today…and I only have Ui nendoroid to show for it while 99% of the stuff belongs to my friends…orz

Anyhow, all those travelling for me into Aeroplan Elite, and finally my Elite “PACKAGE” arrived! Why quotes and caps? Because it’s not really a package. More like a letter with some cards and paper. Enjoy:

Generic Blah Blah Blah Letter and Aeroplan Elite Card

Elite Baggage tags which permits priority check-in for ALL STAR ALLIANCE flights

4 Maple Leaf Lounge Passes

So with all the above and two chances to upgrade my Economy ticket to First Class, you bet I will be going on trips this year…well or at least before my Elite status/lounge passes/upgrades expire. Maybe another trip to Japan perhaps? xDDDDDDD