New Job!


To myself xD

So yeah, got a new job last Friday. FINALLY! It’s been a while since I wanted to work somewhere else. But then to be honest, I didn’t itensify on my job search until mid-jan so it took me a month, which I think took longer than I expected orz But hey, it’s funny, I did the phone interview on Thursday, they wanted to see me in person on Friday noon, and then I was asked to work on Monday on Friday afternoon. Like they say, when it comes, it’s FASTTTTTTTTTTTT.

This one is certainly different than my previous jobs, since this one is located in downtown. I decided to ride the GO train and subway in order to get there. I can drive, but being stuck in traffic in the 404/DVP for 1.5+ hour each trip everyday is NOT fun. But of course, taking the train and subway are still a PAIN IN THE ASS since they are slow, slow and SLOW. The train leaves at 7:29 am, which means I have to wake up at 6:30 am to get ready, and it takes frikkin one hour to get to Union Station orz Then I have to ride the subway a few stations north which takes 5-10 minutes. Well it’s not really that much better than car, but I guess I get to sleep during that period at least instead of having to concentrate on moving a few cm’s every few minutes in the car. I can always claim my transit passes, as my tax refunds have been getting smaller and smaller for the past few years orz And with that said, the car has been relegated to weekend/weeknight duty only atm…insurance sure is costly like that. But then I guess I don’t really drive it that much to begin with anyway xDDDDDDDD

Hopefully I will manage, the stuff there is not that challenging so far (and they told me it’s VERY challenging in the beginning = OWNED?!). One of the reasons is because the person I am replacing left on Friday, and I started on Monday. Which means I basically receive no training and have no idea on what he usually do. Isn’t that just great? orz But as I said, hopefully I will manage. It hasn’t been a week but I already hate the train and subway (well I mean I hate them like crazy at the beginning anyway) and downtown. Hopefully I won’t hate this job anytime soon xDDDDDDDD