New job…2 weeks later~

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My GO monthly pass, 2 10 GO ride pass, and Metro Pass = $$$

…and I am surviving, but barely –*

Anyway, as I have said on Twitter, I still haven’t gotten a cent so far, but I have already spent more than $450 on transit alone ($205 for GO pass, $104.50 for 20 GO rides, and $121 for Metro Pass, also $40 for TTC tokens that are used up already) orz Anyhow, I am getting used to public transit, since it’s always good to be able to sleep an hour on the train xD It’s still too slow, but just means I get to sleep a little longer anyway~

Well, about the job, the atmosphere is quite relaxing. People check their private emails quite daily, and I see a number of them actually hanging out on rfd during work time xDD But too bad no twitters though –* I believe I got a sick e-mail from my department almost every single day I work there. In fact, I didn’t even see my supervisor for the entire week xD There’s also quite a bit of stuff going on in the company as they have a dragon boat team and a running club. The dragon boat team costs $300 which is kind of $$$ to me, but I am definitely joining the running club!

Lastly, actual job content? Still nothing challenging. But it’s good for now, since I will have an exam on March 12 at 9 am. HELL yes, it’s a damn SATURDAY MORNING orz. And it’s at CNE of all places *facedesk* Before long we will be writing exams inside Wonderland =p