“Hopefully I wont hate this job anytime soon”

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…well or not.

Guess I saw that coming as I wrote that a month ago. It’s not just the job itself, but all the things around it.

Well to the job itself first: I am not really doing anything accounting related! Though I really don’t have a problem with that, if the company is paying me that amount of money to do data entry/sorting and all those stuff, I would take it, well for now at least since my financial situation is not as good compare to the last few years, and I travelled to various places last year (HK, Japan!!!!!). Anyhow, I haven’t really learned anything then I can apply to future jobs, and that’s what have been troubling me the most. But I guess I will learn something since they will be moving to SAP (a program that I always wanted to learn) in November…if I am there by then, that is. My guess is I won’t that long. Actually scratch that. I am 100% sure that I won’t be there by that time. If I am still there by that time, I really think I failed myself, as I already have a coworker successfully going to a new job that starts the coming Monday. I guess never say never, but I doubt there will be any changes…sigh.

Now the things around it: COMMUTING TO DT IS MURDER (to my health/sleep). AND EXPENSIVE (not as big as an issue). Have to wake up at 6:30 am to make sure that I can catch the 7:30 am train is murder. I used to wake up at 8:30 am so I can make it to work at 930 am by car. Yes it’s only a 2 hour difference, but when you sleep at 1-2 am every night it makes a HUGE difference. A 5 hour sleep and 7 hour sleep makes ALL The difference. Well at least to me. The cost to go to my workplace is $205 (GO) + 121 (Metropass) which is almost $330 per month. It’s not really that bad since I do get 15% back in NRTC, unlimited travel to and around DT during the month, and I will need to pay for fuel/407 if I do drive. The worst part is if I do miss a train then I am basically screwed as the next one is like 30 min later. Due to me being badly unmotivated the past two weeks, I have been late so many times that they could have kicked me out…god why the hell am I still working there lol xDDDDDDD *facedesk* So will I still work DT if I am being offered a job there? Guess it really depends, but my gut feeling would be a no. I want a job so that I can actually use my car, and not depend on public transportation. But like I said about, maybe if the job has good pay and I can control my hours…you never know.

Lastly, taking 2 online courses this semester. Having a DT job surely doesn’t help with the amount of assignments that I am getting from them.

Damn it I am too tired that I don’t even know what I am saying anymore. Going to leave it at that and back to my sat nap!