Bitch + New job + Doing my part for Japan!


No, only one of them is for myself xD

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and yeah there were quite a few changes since that time…

As mentioned in the last post, I know I wouldn’t last long there (well and I don’t want to anyway), so I am really glad that I am out of there now. Seeing that I am not working there anymore, allow me to bitch some more. First of all, working downtown is tiring. Have to wake up at 630 am so I can catch the 730 am train, and then I won’t get home until 610 pm, which means I have been away from home for almost 12 hours. The only good thing about that job really is I got to use alot of Excel, as I have gotten a little rusty thanks to Great Plains xD I also got to know two very good friends there, Mr. Farooq and Mr. Anthony (too bad only Mr. Farooq is the only one remaining now). If not for them, I can seriously call this the worst job ever. I can’t believe they are using an accounting software from 1995, or have like almost 10 ppl entering cheque deposits INTO EXCEL, just to have another person to enter them AGAIN into the accounting software. It’s just *facepalm*. Another thing is inconsistency. I am sure anyone can agree that it’s better to have everyone in the entire department to follow one format of doing/entering things rather than each person having their own. But NO, everyone there likes to enter it in their OWN way. And seeing that I have to use Excel alot, I can’t just stop *facepalm*. Using pivot tables, v and h-lookups on multiple spreadsheets are ALMOST impossible without some kind of modification on all the spreadsheets. Trust me, it’s not the best stuff there, but I did learn (and re-learn) quite a bit of excel stuff. There are just SO many problems and things that just doesn’t make sense at all, and seriously, I really question on how they function, or if they can function at all. But I guess that’s how all NGOs function…they can’t function properly orz

Anyway, getting out of that terrible place means I am working somewhere else now. I am now working in Richmond Hill, which is SUPER since I have a reason to drive my dear car now. AND DAMN, it makes a world of a difference. Even with stupid ppl driving 50 km on a 70 road for some reason %^%^&#^Q%)&$%&$% (ppl just cant drive in the mornings *facepalm*) BUT STILL, 100% better than riding the damn train. The sleeping is sort of pointless since I have to wake up early just to catch the train to sleep again…and I am 100% sure that everyone would rather sleep on their bed than on the train~ Back to the car thou xD It’s just too bad that I will not be able to use the 407 else I would have saved even MORE time, but not complaining too much, it’s good enough for hnow. Anyway, I don’t know if I ever want to work downtown again, too tiring, have to waste money on GO and Metro Passes, won’t be able to drive car, just not worth it imo even if it’s a HUGE salary jump. Anyway, the new job’s accounting department is SMALL, only 3 people including me. The people are much nicer there than in the previous job too, which is a HUGE plus. I am using Great Plains again which is GREAT, and I am actually doing accounting work again for a change. Well the work is still easy so it’s good xD The best thing is I am able to start at 8 and get off at 4 so I can AVOID the worst traffic times (though there are still alot of cars and drivers who don’t know how to drive properly *facepalm*)~ The worst is they have all sorts of filters on websites, which means I can’t check hotmail, check my fantasy sports teams, and CAN’T GO ON TWITTER. OMG THAT’S THE WORST! Thank God there’s unprotected wifi from somewhere so I can actually go on Mobile Twitter. It disconnects often, but hey, much much better than nothing. So let’s see how long I am going to stay there before moving on again…I would say a few weeks or so? lol

Lastly, I am glad that I finally did something about the Japan Earthquake by ordering the Miku Support version from Good Smile Company~ They will donate 1000 yen from every figure sold which is GREAT! And since the shipping is fixed at 2k yen EMS at 1 or 2 to 5 nendoroids, I did an order with 4 other friends so we ended up getting 400 yen EMS each. Very very good xD Only bad thing is GSC will charge me card now but the figures won’t come till July. You win some, you lose some~ Oh well, I can wait~