It’s that time of the semester again…

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The pic can only mean one thing: “orz”

…yip end of the semester. Which can only mean two things: end of semester report, exam, or both.

And unfortunately, it’s both for me. orz

So yip, have a two reports, one 2-3 pages (finished), another one 8 pages+ (not even started) due for one course by May 31st 11:59 pm, and an exam that counts for 100% of the marks on June 11th. And of course, I haven’t started studying for that as well. Guess it’s time to start worrying eh?

…but before I officially start that (okay I already am worrying orz), let me recap on what happened since I wrote my last blog post:

– Opened a HSBC Advance account. Now I am not so sure if that was a smart move. But since I wanted to get HSBC Premier someday, might as well start. Nah. Probably close the account at the end of July. Damn, it’s almost one month and they need information to open my Line of Credit. DAMN HSBC.

– Found out that I passed my first designation course which is GREAT. I got 75% and the passing mark is 65%. *pats self on back*

– To be honest, this warrants a post itself, but I will just keep it short for now. I got Super Robot Wars Z 2 working fully on my computer without the help of a PSP. Finding the correct emulator to use and the game itself are not hard, but I did encounter some trouble after I got it working. I was VERY frustrated as the pilot voices do not work during the battle scenes (go to 1:20 of the clip below):

No pilot voices = *thumbs down*

I know it’s not a big deal for some people, but since I understand Japanese, I would like to be able to hear what they say (yes I know I can read them as well orz, but hearing them is still much better…this is not SNES/DS after all). So basically what the problem was is the stupid Sony decoder that the emulator uses to decode the music/voice/sound effect files. For some reason, it could not decode the pilot voices because they are AT3+ mono type files. All emulator forums are like “OMGWTFBBQ there is no way that can be done unless you have a psp”. Well seriously I don’t believe it, so I went and did more research. I don’t remember how long it took, but I found the solution. To make it easy, what needs to be done is to find another decoder that can decode those voice files to something the Sony decoder can recognize. It was messy to say the least. Why? Because there are 21674 damn voice files that are 8.47 gb for this damn game. Needless to say that it takes some time to extract and convert these files orz Good thing I actually have a decent laptop else…

Anyway, let me cut the chase and show u the end result:

My first uploaded Youtube video. EPIC.

Was it worth all the time spent? YOU FUCKING BET, because I am the type of person who never gives up until the end. I never believe there is something I cannot do if I really really tried. But yeah, I decided to completely remove it for now (of course keeping the 8.47 gb of files lmao) since I need to concentrate on the report and exam (as in wasting 3 days on it is not enough already orz). I know if I start playing I won’t be able to stop…glad I made the decision xD

– Lately, there are quite a lot of new stuff I want to get. Wanted to get…

– A new monitor: Have my eyes landed on the Samsung FX2490HD which is SUPER impressive because it has LED, full HD, and most importantly, PIP (picture in picture). Sadly the PIP functions only works if the TV is through regular cable or OTA (over the air). I mean WTF? Why no support for HDMI? It’s like creating a laptop that can only use dialup for internet. Like seriously, Samsung made a HUGE mistake on that one. So nope, not getting that. Don’t really know what to do now, as we all know monitors that serves primarily as a desktop monitor while having TV functions are quite rare (as oppose to TV that have desktop monitor functions, BIG difference in case you are wondering).

– A new laptop: Wanted to get the new T420S. Needless to say, it’s a beast on performance (USB 3.0, dolby home theatre sound, i7 processor, 8 gb ram upgrade, 320 gb 7200 rpm hdd upgrade, blah blah)…and on the wallet. I will very likely get this at the end of the summer, as Lenovo usually have the best deals during their back to school sales. Well still not 100% certain yet, as I don’t know what I am going to do with my current T400. I mean it’s doing great, so why sell it? I doubt I can get more than $600 on a 2 year old laptop (got it for ~$1300 back in 09 back to school sales). Keep it? I already have a netbook, and gave my mother my old LG T1 (bought it for 2k+ back in 05 *cries*). Well guess I will think about the problem again in August.

– Figures/models: Gumako-chan Nendoroid. It’s currently on the GSC website for 3k yen, and it costs 2k yen for shipping, just like the Miku support version. But unlike last time, I couldn’t find anyone to order with and don’t want to pay 2k yen to ship a 3k yen figure orz…what to do what to do orz. Maybe wait till manda gets it I guess. Sigh. Well if anyone is interested in doing a group order, make sure you email me or leave a comment here! Next up is the MG Gundam Epyon. It’s one of my fav items, pre-ordered with someone, but won’t get it till like July/August orz Debating if I should just po from a shop so I can get it early or…well not a big deal since it’s not that expensive anyway.

– New phone/plan: Wanted to give the Nokia N8 a try, yes I know it’s all about iPhones now. However, comments/reviews about the Nokia N8 are not too kind, Nokia has given up on the Symbian OS to team up with Microsoft (COMPLETE WTF), but mose importantly, I am still anti-apple! Also once I get a new phone, I will need a new plan that supports data…but still debating since I know the phone bill will be much more per month. Currently I am paying $29 total per month and I don’t really want to pay more so that I can use data.

– A trip to Macau/HK/Japan: …yeah I will just leave that one alone for now –*

So yip, that’s about it for now. Can’t wait till the next time I am motivated enough to write another blog post xD