Been a while…

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So yeah, umm, wow…been more than 2.5 months since I last blogged orz. Now I usually spend most of time on Twitter, and there is nothing really worth blogging this past 2 months. Well it was terrible to say the least about this past two months.

Anyhow, there are good news. Found out that I passed my auditing exam (BARELY passed orz), so two more courses before I get my accounting designation! And once I am done this summer course, I will finally be able to get my business degree! Also finished SRW-Z 2, got a new phone (FINALLY)…that’s about it~

Besides from watching alot of anime, ordering figures, going to school/work, nothing really happened this past couple of months.

OK I lied. I have just finished this god-damn essay. I haven’t written an essay since God-knows-when but FUCK it was hard orz I hope I did ok at least since this damn thing counts for 25% of the entire course mark. Just two more assignments due on the 30th and I am done this course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need to blog more. It’s like I don’t even know what to fucking write anymore *facepalm* It’s also kinda sad that most of the bloggers (friends, etc) that i know doesn’t blog anymore for whatever reason…

That’s it for now, really hope I can write something better on my next post.