Finally no more Robbers + Fido!

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さらば BITCHES!!!!!!!

FINALLY. FINALLY! No more Robbers (aka Rogers) and Fido. FINALLY!


So after using my N82 for god-know how many years (at least 6?), I finally got a new phone, the Google Nexus S. Why the hell did it take me that long? 2 reasons:

(1) Texting from T9 to Touchscreen

I have had a hard time adjusting from phone keypads to touchscreens because texting with T9 is way faster than tabbing a touchscreen like a madman. I have been texting with T9 for so long that I don’t even have to look at the screen when I text. With touchscreen, there is this adjusting period where 7 out of every 10 presses did not provide the result I wanted (aka wrong letter). Trust me, it’s so annoying that sometimes I just want to slam the phone on to the ground (and give it a 2-3 step on afterwards) So what happened? In come Swype:

He made a mistake (notice at 1:45) and blamed it on Swype. LMAO

I got HOOKED on it right away. Although I would still need to look at the screen when typing, it’s much better since I can do it all in one hand, and my finger rarely needs to leave the screen. It’s way more accurate and comfortable than tabbing the screen like mad. And the speed? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Swype wins by a MILE (well, at least for me). Don’t think so? Take a look at this clip:

To be honest, I think both people in the demo are pretty slow, as I am sure I can finish way faster than the Swype guy in typing that sentence xD So no need to say I can can type faster on my iPhone…and well, there is Swype for iPhone too xD

To be fair, this has nothing to do with Robbers + Fido but more of a personal problem. But once I got this text thing all figured out, I am ready to upgrade…wait, I said 2 reasons didn’t I? xDDDDDDDD

(2) Data-plan aka Data-RAPE

Back then, in 2008, I signed a 3 year retention contract (plan is the one on the image) with Fido and got the iPhone 3GS for like $30 thanks to Fido dollars and rebates from the contract. I didn’t have to sign up for a data plan. Although I did sell the iPhone right away without even opening it xD It’s a little different now because I want my next plan to have data. Using a smartphone without data is like…dumb.

Anyway, you can’t do what I did with Fido (getting a smartphone without data) anymore. If you want to get a Smartphone rebated on contract, YOU MUST HAVE A $25+ DATA PLAN on top of your voice plan. I mean…wtf?! $25 for 500 mb per month?! Ridiculous seriously. I am sure some ppl watch more than 500 mb of porn PER WEEK! (no, not me!) xD Although I am sure I will be able to get $30 for 6 gb per month through retentions, I will have to pay at least $55 per month and I have absolutely 0 INTEREST in paying more than $30 after tax for my monthly mobile bill. So I waited, waited and waited (a few years), and suddenly, out come this Wind Mobile Super Smart Plan where you get unlimited talk, global text, data, caller ID, voice mail BLAH BLAH BLAH for $29 + tax a month. Very very impressive, although it’s still over my $30 limit after tax. Then I found out it’s only for 12 months and then it jumps to $45 + tax a month. No thanks. I am sure someone will come up with something better in due time.

…and then a few weeks passed and there is a rumor of Mobilicity offering a $25 Back to School plan. This plan offers free Mobilicity to Mobilicity calling, unlimited minutes, text and data in the Mobilicity zone, as well as caller ID for $25 + TAX PER MONTH FOREVER, as long as you have the plan. AND NO CONTRACT. BAM! We have a winner. They also have the Nexus S on sale for $349.99 + tax and I know I have to jump on to this once this plan is available (which is 15/08). I know they have crap RF and have to roam outside the GTA, but me getting out of GTA is like NEVER…i mean heck, getting out of my house outside of work hours is almost like never as well orzzzzzzzzzzzzz I am ready to jump ship.

Just a little problem.

I still have around 6.5 months left on my Fido contract and there is no way I would pay to get out of it. So what to do? Let someone take over my contract instead! xDDDDDDDD Although my phone plan is not the best one out there, it’s still considered VERY good, and people can use it to get a discounted iPhone or get a better plan through retentions (where the monthly price will still be out of my budget). So I put an ad up last Sunday…and guess what, my contract is gone on Monday xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I even got $130 for transferring my plan because it will save the guy at least $350 when he gets the iPhone through Fido, although yes, he will have to be raped with their data plans xD. Anyway, so instead of paying the penalty of $20 per months X 6.5 months X GST to rid myself of this Fido contract, I instead got $130 which can be used towards my new phone. WIN. WIN. AND WIN. Thanks to mighty Kijiji, I was able to get the Nexus S at a even better price of $300 + tax by prepaying 2 months ahead of time…and the rest, as they say, is history:

Yes $800 cash! –*

Well the only thing that didn’t work out was that I have to pay cash and not credit card, but the $50 savings surely outweigh the 2-3% rewards that I will get on my credit card so I let it go (sometimes you just have to be happy with getting 99.5% of what you wanted and not stretch your luck). Just a note, the other Nexus was for my friend because it will cost him $330 + tax if he would just buy it without activating service. But the $800 was from my own wallet before he paid me back *cries*

To conclude this super long post, now I am a very happy man with my new Nexus S, as well as unlimited data + tethering. Very happy indeed ^^