Summer Anime season ended. Start of Fall season~


Wow, Nichijou and Hanasaku Iroha both ended this week. Incredible, and incredibly…sad. Both series started around April (Spring season), and I have been watching them every Saturday and Sunday since then. Nichijou is basically my 「癒し」 anime to make myself feel better for the crap that I face every week, and Iroha is “just” my favourite series of the Spring and Summer season as well as one of my favourites all time. That’s right, the moment that I heard Ohana thought (and almost yelled) 「悔しくって、悔しかった」 at the end of ep 1…

…I know this is def. going to be one of my favourite all time series.

The last episode was SUPER (well the whole series is super actually). And now it’s over. Every Sunday morning waking up at 10 am is no more~ And to replace that, I will be watching Gundam AGE *pukes*, Kami no Puzzle and Mirai Nikki on Sundays for the next few months. Not exactly stuff that can even be half as good as Iroha (Although I do have some high hopes for Mirai Nikki). At least there’s Bakuman S2 on Saturday now I guess. Can’t wait for that to air for sure~

The Fall season looks exciting as you can see on my Anime section of this website~ Tamayura, Bakuman, Working and Ika Musume aired before, and they are def. good enough to watch again. I have also heard alot of good stuff regarding Boku wa Tomodachi wa sukunai (OH MEATTTTTTTTTTT), so that’s another must watch. And the others we’ll see. I hope there is something good enough to replace Iroha but I highly doubt that I will get it this season.

Anyway that’s all from me for now, hopefully I can write another post “very soon”, and by “very soon” I mean “I really don’t know when” xD

Later! ^.^