Finally some *minor* site work!

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*aims at style.css file*

…so yay, after God knows how long, finally did something to the layout of the blog! …well a little xD

As you can tell, I added an image as the website banner (thou nothing is put into the image yet orz) and put the media icons to the top of the page. What do you think? I really don’t like the location of the media icons right now but I don’t really like them above or below the website image either, so I decided to put it on top of the title. I don’t really want to remove them as they are basically one of the best things about this theme. Might makes more changes later, but it’s staying like that for now (really want a new theme but nothing good as of now). The image used for the banner is actually from the EP6 ED of Idolmaster and it’s called “The Idolm@ster”. If you happened to watch the episode, you would find that the description of my site (the words under the title) is actually lyrics from the same ED (which is the reason why I used that image):

Starts from 0:56 to 1:05

That’s correct, another song cheering you on to realize your dreams. I can never have enough of those…more like I need as many of those as possible. It’s a really good song actually, so let’s do some more digging into the lyrics (these are my own translations so they may be slightly different than what’s in the clip above because as you know, I make my own subs xD):

「もう伏目がちな昨日なんていらない 今日これから始まる私の伝説」
“The yesterday where I have to be looked down on is over. My legend starts today, right now.”

「自惚れとが強かさも必要 そう恥じらいなんて時には邪魔なだけ」
“You must be be proud and determined. Being shy will only hinder you at times.”

「一歩を大きく 進もう毎日 夢に向かって 漠然とじゃない意図的に」
“Take a big step, advance towards your dreams everyday, not just aimlessly, but with a purpose!”

Seriously, how can anyone not LIKE LOVE lyrics like this (well, I guess people who have no goals and are content working low-end jobs their whole life)? Even I am encouraged myself despite listening to the song while typing this post at 6:00 am. That’s how much I love this song.

Anyway, a minor life update, I finally finished the rest of my courses and am qualified to receive my business admin degree (though the convo is not until Spring/Summer 2012 orz). So now only 2 more courses (taking one currently) and ~8 more months (assuming everything goes smoothly *knocks on wood*) before I receive my accounting designation. Everything that I have been longing to do over all these years will start then. WWJD?