November 2011 Update


Addition fail. And this person wants to be ACCOUNTANT?! Seriously?!

Wow, it has been sometime since I last posted. First of all, some news regarding my goals…

…so I got my professional work experience work approved, received my business degree, which are two MAJOR steps towards my designation. Also, I am qualified to write the exam for my second last course. YES, SECOND LAST COURSE before my designation. This is going to be one fucking hard exam as it will be basically all applications FROM PAST COURSES (aka applying what I learned in previous courses to IRL cases). It will be in two weeks, and at 6:00 PM on a Monday of all times inside that terrible Queen Elizabeth building. Well at least it’s after Saturday and Sunday so I am going to study all the whole two days for sure (yeah right like I will study the entire day…but although I probably will the entire night), plus going to take Thursday and Friday off. Still have two more weeks to go, must start study soon…WWJD?

In other unrelated news, I have renewed this domain for 4 more years, so anyone looking to take it away from me, sorry no dice. I plan to keep this domain as long as I have the money to renew it. So yip, not going to give it up ANYTIME soon.

Oh, and about that picture on top? It’s real, and it was something that was done by one of my coworkers, who claims he wants to BE AN ACCOUNTANT. I am sure he didn’t do the addition in his mind, because I know he will be way off if he did. But God, at least have some common sense, the last digits for the five numbers are 7,9,0,0 and 0. With simple addition that even a Primary 1 student can do, it’s obvious that the sum of those will end up to be “16”, which means the last digit is going to be a “6”. It’s likely that he did the addition on the calculator but somehow pressed 1 instead of 7 or 3 instead of 9 (don’t ask me how since 4 and 6 are between those numbers, or maybe he pressed 4 and 6 instead LMAO)…or something. And never bother to check his work on top. I mean, just another look and he will be laughing at himself for being such a dumbass, instead of having me to do it for him in his place. No wonder people say CA = “Can’t Add” *facepalm* More *good* stuff that are done by him are voiding transactions with credit notes (WTF?!) instead of you know, directly voiding them, wanting to change the names and addresses of the payee on a cheque (Fraud opportunity? FAIL!), leaving more than 3500 invoices untended to during a 6 month period (NOTE: he has been working there for 6 months), and I am sure there are way way more that I will find out very soon. Once again, someone like that WANTS TO BE AN ACCOUNTANT? Seriously? Sometimes I just wish I don’t have to work with dumbasses like that, seriously. Like why does dumbasses like that have a job to begin with?!