December 2011 Update/End of the Year Post

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Sums up my year perfectly, put it in my microwave, heat it up, eat it away!

Wow an end of the year post! Merry belated Christmas, Happy belated Boxing Day! …orz yes I am late, but better than never right? xDDD

Goal wise, did my exam at the end of November, and I won’t know my mark until the end of Jan…which is when my birthday is. It will surely be the BEST birthday present if I passed that course. I am currently taking the last course for the designation, and as usual will need to qualify (aka do well enough on my assignments) for the exam in March. Lots of worrying? Definitely. Well all I can keep doing is look ahead and hope for the best. WWJD?

Christmas-wise, I have to admit this is the busiest Christmas ever since I came to Canada. Since I started going to church again thanks to a very kind friend (I met her back in school when I sold a book to her, and now we are both aiming to get the accounting designation), I have been participating in various church stuff! On the 24th, went to a party (no alcohol), church event, and more party (no alcohol)…and got home at around 2:30 am. Then at Christmas day, went to church service in the morning (9 yeah barely got any sleep), lunch, some mahjong and dinner with my mother. It has been so long since I last played mahjong so I am kind of rusty, but I still played well enough to win a few games (and kicked ass). Would have been great if I get to play longer xDDD Then Boxing day, 3-chan came over to my place early in the morning to “celebrate” with me, and we went to Markville Mall which took me almost 15 minutes to find a parking spot orz Well all the 3-chan torturing time made up for it xDDDDDD It was a great day tbh. At night, another party at the friend’s house, although I spent most of my time talking to 3-chan on MSN xDDDDDD 27th, another party, and again, more MSN talking with 3-chan xDDDDDDDDDD Have to admit, it’s fun to be with church people, as the ones I know so far are VERY VERY kind. Also, have to admit, I am very glad to be going to church again. I really think that was the best decision that I made the whole year.

Let’s see, good things in 2011? Got my accounting degree, entered the “Anime Hunter-dan” as 2-san (yes that’s me in the pic above xDDD) with 1-san and 3-chan, finally got an unlimited voice/data plan for a SUPER good monthly price so I can watch porn anywhere with RF, getting to meet my accounting friend again, and taking her offer on going back to church as mentioned above…and that’s really about it. That’s kind of sad actually as I thought there were way more…

Bad things? …let’s just not talk about them. Hit quite a number of lows thanks to various issues. Well spending WAY WAY WAY too much money is the only one I will mention. My bank account surely shrunk compare to the beginning of the year. Well, though I must say that I did spend QUITE A LOT on figures xDDD

But despite facing more bad stuff than good through out the year, I have to say that things have been much better at the end of the year since like November which is basically when I started going to church.

I really really really am looking forward to getting my accounting designation in 2012, and finally proceed with my next goal: GETTING OUT OF CANADA. And seriously, I can’t wait for that to happen. WWJD?

Lastly, wish everyone a happy new year, and hopefully your 2012 will be much better than 2011!