First 2012 Post/January 2012 Update

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If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I am the penguin with the bra on the head xDD

First of all, want to wish everyone a happy new year, and a happy Chinese new year! Yes, I know I am late with both again, sorry about that! xDDD

Anyhow, today is my birthday, which is the reason why I am making this post. It was a good day as I took the day off from work, have 3-chan came over to my place to spend some time with me, and an awesome dinner at the end. Today is also the day I received the mark for my exam all the way back in November. Trust me, that thing has doomed me before I write it, and it has doomed me for almost another 2 months after I wrote it. That’s why it is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE RELIEF to learn that I passed it. I mean, the mark is released on my birthday so I better pass xDDD (WWJD?) So yes, ONE MORE COURSE (which I am taking now) BEFORE I GET MY ACCOUNTING DESIGNATION. JUST. ONE. MORE. Yes, I just need to make sure I do well on my last assignment so I can qualify for the exam on March, then do well (or enough to pass) on the exam on March, freak out for two more months waiting for the mark, and if everything goes well *knocks on wood*, I will FINALLY get my accounting designation. I can’t wait for that sweet moment to come. I can’t wait to get out of fucking Canada.

So how has January been for me so far?! Other than the good stuff mentioned above, it has been quite doom for me. Work, life have been quite, if not, very bad. I need to travel almost 2 hours everyday to work (almost 4 hours round trip), and all that travel and waking up early has finally caught up to me. I really want/need a new job, but that may be hard seeing that I will have to take days off during end of Feb and beginning of March to prepare for the exam, so finding a job now is not the best option, and I don’t really want to quit because of EI. So I am really sorta stuck now, but if I can’t take it anymore, my last option would be just quit rather than risking myself right before the exam. This exam is going to be the most important one ever, and I will do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to make sure I will pass that exam. I really can’t wait for March to come. WWJD?

My daily life has actually been better because 3-chan has been my company for the past month or so. But, stuff happened, and her insane parents are just…!@$@(%$(^ All I can say is that her father is insane, and I can’t wait to bitch-yell at him the next time I see him again. He is a coward that steps all over the weak (aka his daughter), but when he sees something strong (aka me), he shies away. And he is a big liar to me and her. And more nasty things that I prefer not to say since I found out the things that he forced his daughter to do…*grips fist* You may be asking why the hell I am typing all this here instead of saying it in his face, but the fucking truth is I WANT TO DO EXACTLY JUST THAT AND YELL IT ALL IN HIS FUCKING FACE. Just one problem, 3-chan won’t let me do it since it will make things worst. She is right, so I will shut up for now. But it’s another story if he provokes me. So all I can really do now is wait for him to do just that, and I know he won’t since he is afraid of talking someone who can actually counter. Who knows, being an IT guy, maybe he will find this page and actually man up…yeah right, especially the man up part.

Anyhow, enough of my bitching! xDDD I really hope the good day on the last day of Jan will lead into a good Feb. WWJD?

Lastly, thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday on twitter, FB, email, phone, MFC, and SMS!