March 2012 Update!

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My wallet is surely going to feel that orz

So how is everyone doing? Right on time to make my March post before April Fools xD

The above is my March figure preorder, which you can see is 30k yen before shipping. The shipping will be at least 8k yen which will increase the order total to almost 40k yen = ~500 CDN. Oh great. OH HOW I LOVE FIGURES/MODELS!!!!!!!!!!

So really nothing much happened this month except that I did the exam for my final Accounting designation course. Trust me, it’s such a relief that it’s over with, but now I need to worry until the results come out, which is May 1st. Just 31 more days to worry! orz I really, really, really hope that I pass. WWJD?

Otherwise…nothing much really happened like I said. Got an Asus Transformer Prime as a belated b-day present (YESSSSSSSS), which means I am finally in the tablet world! I also just purchased the OEM dock for it, which is sort of like a keyboard so basically my tablet will be converted into a mini netbook! And on top of that, it will have 15+ hours of battery life on top of the 6-7 hours that is already on the tablet. WONDERFUL! Now if the company can just ship the dock to me ASAP that will be great…~ I have also gotten a new phone, the Google Galaxy Nexus! It was a little gift for myself on passing the processor), just simply very different. Plus it is a pentaband phone so I can use it anywhere in the world as long as there is GSM/CDMA/AWS~ Love that phone to death seriously.

Also, I will be going to Hong Kong/Macau after my mark comes up in May (please please please let it be a pass). I have not been back since Feb 2010 and there are a few things that I need to take care of. Visiting my grandparents’ graves in Macau (VERY IMPORTANT), 6200 HKD from HK (yes $200 extra after March 31st), and some Macau money from the government that I have not deposit to my bank account. I will also be job hunting during the period to see if there are anything good jobs. I hope that with my designation (if I passed the exam *knocks on wood*) and work experience, I will be able to land a better job that I could have gotten here. It is my goal to move back to Macau/Hong Kong after all. However, if I am not able to land something better than what I have here, it may not be worth it. At the very least I need to earn enough to be able to live alone, own a car and have a parking spot for it. I really really hope that it is not too hard to accomplish that (yeah wait till reality hits when I go back orz). Either way, I should start the moving back process, like including how to move my unboxed figures/Gundam model kits back there if needed xDDD

So yes, that’s about it for now, have a happy April everyone!