April/Semi-May 2012 Update!

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Hmmm, sorry for being a bit late for my late update, but since I have big news to announce, might as well write it now instead of waiting till the end of the month.

First of all:

YES. YES. YES. It’s true. I passed my final accountant course exam. It was sorta strange since I found the result during work (F5’ing the browser almost every 20 mins xD It’s also funny that no one minded me doing that and keep asking me about it every hour or so lol), so I didn’t really yell out “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” which I will surely will do if I am at home xD

So yes, with the passing of this final course:

OH YES. I am finally one. FINALLY! (thank God, PTL!!!!!)

So yes, what’s next after getting my designation?

That’s a question I would like to ask myself too. I was suppose to go to Hong Kong and Macau after I got my mark. But then I found a job that was too good to pass up during the end of April, so I cancelled my ticket instead so I can work at this new job. Is this the right decision? I don’t really know still tbh. And tbh, I thought I wasn’t getting the job at the beginning due to the fucking CFO stabbing me with questions during the interview. That bitch, seriously want to stab her. One thing I know, she is likely not the person that made the hiring decision else I wouldn’t have been hired. And yes, I really need to stop the hate else it would be hell at work xD Anyway, it wasn’t that bad as most of the accounting team are actual HK Chinese, but without the “actual HK Chinese” workplace attitude (people who worked/is working in HK will know what I mean). No need to say, but that’s one of the options that I decide to take the job even at the cost of cancelling my ticket (which cost me $200 orz). Also, most of the people there are VERY VERY nice, guess that is a huge positive of a not-for-profit (NFP) organization because well, no need to stab/backstab people for higher sales, job promotions, bonuses (okay maybe not that) and all those shitty things that almost always happens in a normal for-profit company. Just finished my second week there, I am glad I am surviving. Yes, it’s VERY busy there even though it’s a NFP –* I rarely tweet nowadays…maybe a good thing? xD I know I said that already, but is this the right decision? I really hope it is since that is the reason why I picked to stay and work here instead of going back to/work at HK/Macau. Remember, my goal in life is to be working in Japan, not in HK/Macau.

What’s my reward to myself you asked? I wish it’s a trip to Japan, but that’s just not possible atm. Instead, I will be doing laser eye surgery so I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. The price? only $4500. Cheaper than going to Japan for sure xDDDDD Looking forward to that in July! My sister and mother already went through that, so it’s only natural that I will be doing it next.

Hmmm, that’s about it for now. Hope everything will go well for the next few months. I certainly need to arm myself with better work experience so that I can achieve my ultimate goal in life. WWJD?