May/June/July 2012 Update!


$3840. Yes. LASIK. YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it has been A WHILE since I last wrote here. It’s just been work, work, work, and of course, more work. Well, that and laziness/tiredness (is that even a word) after work. Fine fine, 90% of that is laziness/tiredness xD (hey stop using it if you don’t even know if it’s a word or not!) My life has sort of flipped. Anime/twitter time has minimize to almost zero, and tbh even I am shocked myself personally. I have been watching 6:30 HK news on a daily basis as the new CE Mr. CY has been “very active” since he started becoming CE 01/07/12…orz

Anyhow, enough about this messy HK Politics. Let’s see what happened lately before I forget…

End of May, went to my church fellowship group retreat…that was surely one of the best things happen ever. The only thing I would say is it could be longer since it was only 3 days. But I am not going to complain, one of the best trips ever. I would love to post a pic but since even my fellowship mates are not putting them on fb, I don’t think I should be posting them on here…next.

June, because I have worked on the new job for almost two months, I doubt I will be going back to HK for vacation this year. Which means if I want my $6000 HKD I would need to go through the Bank of China route here. And since there are rumors that BoC will not be taking any new account opening witness requests starting June 30th, I believe I should go and open one. So I decided to go on one Saturday. When I enter into the bank (First Markham branch), I realize I need to get a ticket before I can get any service…fine, so I go to the ticket-thing machine, and then I see this:

It’s ok if you don’t know how to read Chinese, since the “HK ‘6000’” basically gives it away. And yes, the line is 77 PEOPLE. WTF!!!!! But what can I do…

…so here is my beautiful ticket:

Yip, 75 more people in front of me. Time is 2:25 pm, and branch closes at 4:30 pm. Impossible? But since I am pretty positive that they stopped giving out new tickets and will serve everyone that’s still there even if they are closed, I decided to wait since I have nothing to do that day anyway…WELL, EXCEPT WATCHING PORTUGAL VS GERMANY IN EURO CUP. Thank God there is an app called uStream which allowed me to stream the game live, and oh my God people were like looking at my phone left and right during the game. Hurray for Galaxy Nexus! *prouds* (and yes, I have upgraded my Nexus S to a Galaxy Nexus since mid-Feb. Great choice I have to say). To make a long story short, I didn’t leave until 6:30, but at least I got it done. Also watched A LOT of Euro Cup during the month (Portuguese citizen here) xDDDDDD

…wow and I am in July already xDDD First thing to mention is OF COURSE, EURO CUP FINAL. Watched the game at a sports restaurant with friends, and man it was a waste. Spain won like 4-1 iirc? Italy surely got unlucky as they have to make a sub 7 minutes into the game. Game was never close and…yeah let’s just leave it at that. July was also where the new anime season started, but like I said, not really into them but there was a few that are worth watching. Sword Art Online, Tari Tari, Jintai, Yuru Yuri and Gundam Age (since last year) are really the only ones that I have been following like back in my anime days. Also, gotten a Nexus 7 tablet, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

HOWEVER, the most important thing that happened in the month of July was on the first picture. Seeing that I have gotten my accounting designation, I finally decided to get LASIK on my eyes. Seeing that my mother and sister have went through the same surgery, and as long as I protect my eyes properly, I will not need glasses FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. OH YES. It did almost cost me $4000 (though I did get back around $220 from health insurance at work), but have to say, it’s WORTH it. NO MORE GLASSES IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

Anyway, that is sorta all that has happened to me for the past three months. It has been a wonderful 3 months of work and life. Now if I can only join a gym and lose some weight…^^;;;