About 「デロン」

My name is Delon Ho (you better know, since that is the address of this site after all)…I am a Chinese and an accountant (designation received at end of May 2012) who came from Macau (born in Hong Kong) that currently lives in this (lousy) country called Canada. I am not a CBC (hope you can read between the lines on how I feel about them). I can speak/write/listen/read/type in Chinese (Cantonese), Japanese and English. Interests include cars (manual cars only please), laptops, cellphones, tablets, anime, anime-songs, Japanese (the language), history (especially Chinese history), cameras, blogging, credit cards, mahjong, reading chinese novels, alcohol (I have never been drunk before, and yes, I am serious), anime figures and porn/hentai. I am currently working as a guess what? An accountant. However, my guts say that I will not be staying in this country for the long term (more below). I used to translate anime (Japanese to English/Chinese) for various sub groups, but will not be doing so in the near future due to work (and laziness). I am also capable of translating from English to Chinese, as I am responsible for the website translation for My Figure Collection as many of you know already xD

Currently drives a Celica, and I treat her like my wife (aka spend $$$$$$ orz). For technology, I own a netbook (LG X120) and laptop (Lenovo T400), and for tablets I currently have the Transformer Prime (with the keyboard dock of course) and the Nexus 7. For cellphones I use a Nokia N8. Needless to say, they are all a very important part of my life xD Currently waiting to get the LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 if Google did not screw up their launch orz

My dream is to get out of Canada and live/work in Japan. I mean, the place where I live now is not *that* bad, but it certainly is not the place where I want to spend the rest of my life. Okay I lied, it’s actually really fucking bad. Although I have a job that certainly can pay for my needs and interests (car, gadgets, food, condo, etc etc), I don’t like the situation that I am in…in fact, I hate it. And I have been like that for the past 2-3 years. Thanks to Danny Choo, I started to think that if I don’t like the situation I am currently in, I need to do something about it. As Danny said: “Doing something always leads to something. Doing nothing always leads to nothing.” Even if let’s say, I wasn’t able to find a job in Japan after getting my designation, I would at least go back to Macau or Hong Kong and work there. Yes, salaries are really low there compare to Canada, but I would rather earn less there than earn more here. That’s how much I hate being in Canada. I never give up and accept fate (that I will stay in Canada for the rest of my life). Like the lyrics in the Strike Witches 2 OP 「笑顔の魔法」 said: 「それがさだめでもね、抗うよ!」 “Even if it’s fate, fight back!” (hmm maybe that’s why I like Strike Witches, I am so sure it’s more than just fanservice *coughs coughs*) I am aiming to get out of Canada (need to save up after all) and being able to settle in Japan with an accounting job and my own place. I hope that can really happen, actually CORRECTION, I WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN. WWJD?

Last updated: 18/11/2012

About 「デロンの新しい奇跡」

The blog name above, reads “Deron no atarashii Kiseki” in romanji which means “Delon’s new Miracle” (yes I have an old “miracle” that I don’t update anymore). “Miracle” is a really strong word that affected my life and hence this blog’s name (well it’s obvious why Kanon is my #1 all time anime right? xD). It’s currently on its second theme and on version 2.50. I opened this blog on 15/11/2009 beucase I want my domain to be more than just a “forwarding device”. Long story short, I took the domain “http://www.delonho.com” on 11/11/2009 (after 30+ days of waiting for this domain to be released from its previous owner) as it was on sale at godaddy.com ($0.99 for one year). And since I want the domain to do more than just “forward” to my old blog, I decided to get “updated” and go WordPress. It has been a blast so far to say the least since it’s way more than just “writing a blog”. I have to find a theme that I like, edit it to my liking (I am VERY VERY nitpicky), as well as plugins, search engine submissions, pages, coding (HTML/CSS/PHP orz), widgets, feeds, ftp, blah blah blah. It keeps me busy and lets me actually do something meaningful (sort of?!) instead of just surfing forums and watching porn/hentai every night xD This site is in English because it’s also linked through Sankaku Complex and Danny Choo, and I hope to reach the max number of audiences (most Chinese knows English but that cannot be said the other way around, sad eh?). However, there will be chinese-only posts from time to time.

So why version 2.50? Why was this blog opened on 15/11/2009 but there are no posts until a year later? This blog was shut down and every post was wiped on 13/08/2010. Something happened, so I decided I need a new start and it was a freak accident anyway. Well I wanted a new theme but couldn’t find anything I like, so I am staying with this one for now.

My topics usually ranges from finance, bitching, laptops, cars, cameras, anime, gundam, porn/hentai, figures…well anything that comes to mind basically. I am not afraid of bitching at anyone directly if needed (and I have done that before), since this is what this blog is for, to speak my mind!

I haven’t really been blogging lately because of work (well, and nothing usually happens outside of it), but I will try my best to blog at least once per month so I don’t waste my $22 dollars every year on renting this domain and hosting! orz

Last updated: 04/08/2012

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