This is trouble…

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Short April test post with Embedded tweet!

Yip, looks like trouble BUT!

…of course I have more than one credit card, and of course I will be able to pay it off. I better be able to.

November 2011 Update


Addition fail. And this person wants to be ACCOUNTANT?! Seriously?!

Wow, it has been sometime since I last posted. First of all, some news regarding my goals…


Finally some *minor* site work!

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*aims at style.css file*

…so yay, after God knows how long, finally did something to the layout of the blog! …well a little xD


It’s that time of the semester again…

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The pic can only mean one thing: “orz”

…yip end of the semester. Which can only mean two things: end of semester report, exam, or both.

And unfortunately, it’s both for me. orz