So ummm yeah, that’s what I have been doing the entire day basically, love Labour Day! xDDDD

Anyway this week is going to be busy…

Tuesday: Return cam, darts friendly compeition
Wednesday: School
Thursday: Friend’s Bday party
Friday: Help friend..sorta like part time job?
Saturday: School, then ACG NA staff gathering, then help friend again…
Sunday: Darts, 2 days before *REAL* competition orz

Tired from 11 hours of darts…

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Still lots of improvement to go through. Still 9 more days to go…bah screw it just going to rest up~

Made some change in the way I hold and throw my darts…which means I have to readjust my aiming again…so troublesome, but it’s really necessary, I can’t believe how bad my form is when I saw my recorded form on video orzzzzzzzzz I was like a pitcher throwing a baseball UGH Seriously, it’s so bad that if it’s someone else throwing like that, I will tell him that he should just play baseball instead. I am really shock that my instructors just keep saying that “I need to change my form”…seriously such kind words orz But anyway, at least I have the correct form now and hopefully I can get my aiming back before the tournament starts next Tuesday orz.

In other news, bought another Fujifilm HS10 via Future Shop which is on sale. Saved 10% compare to what I paid when I got it in August. Now just going to refund the old one…I wish I can pricematch but it won’t be possible since the sale ends on Tuesday morning, and FS will not be open tmr. Oh well….at least it $50 saved 😀