24/04/2009 : CMN


Sorry Cantonese post tonight, since I don’t really have anything to say about today…well other than I have school tmr at 9 am, BBQ afterwards…and yeah. So to today’s topic:

One of my new favourite Chui Mad News episodes xD The rest of the stuff is funny too but the beginning about 成龍is what makes this one GOLD. Why? Because 成龍 always loveto BS. First he said in one of the earlier interviews that when he buys TV, he buys “Made in Japan”. Why? Because China TVs explode easily! I, for one, don’t trust Chinese products after all that milk scandals and other stuff, but I still find it kinda dumb to say it out like this. Well, he is right to a degree so i would give him that one. The next thing he says is even more amazing. He says chinese in taiwan and HK are too free, and thats why they are really messed up and they should be monitored closely. WTF?! Guess I don’t really have to say too much about that one. And if that’s not enough, we all know what he said on twitter regarding the Philippine Police on the Hong Thai incident. If you don’t know what he said, you are probably not Chinese as HK ppl rage at him on fb/twitter like mad. Actually, watch this video and u’ll know what he said (chinese only, but English tweets screenshots are included):

Seriously I wish he can just shut up for a change.


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And yes you have to understand Cantonese (well or able to read Chinese at the very least) in order to know what he is talking about. But hey, kudos to him for admitting that on live TV 😀

22/05/2009 :CMN (Old)

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Sorry another Chinese post, but this is just TOO funny:

OMG I laughed so hard that I cried xD Especially with the 擲香蕉式 and the Japan parts (中招大抽獎/隔離七日豪華觀察團 xDDDDD)…i m still laughing as I watch them…just too funny xDDDDD

04/10/2008 : One Milk, One Dream (Old)

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Another very funny one xD So many winning quotes/terms like: 「奶都有神, 就係License」, 「奶立方」,「one milk, one dream」, 「給牛奶一個機會,還國貨一個奇蹟」,「歌唱國貨」,「失敗奶成功之母」 xDD It’s also funny how they online pokie game can communicate with cows as well xDDD

「颱風Financial」and the ways to protect against it are very funny as well xD

24/07/2009 : (Old)

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A Chinese-related post~ If you don’t understand Chinese…sorry xD


…so sad yet so true orz. (Yes MG, so do you qualify? If you do, I am sure you know what to do right? *wink wink* …start with a plane ticket to HK xDDD)