Yet another darts post…

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…and here is my weekly darts report~


Very very tired…

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Argh this was suppose to be posted on Saturday, but I fell asleep orz.

Been such a busy week, don’t really feel like blogging. Yesterday went to OCDA to play darts since I was suppose to sell a textbook around there anyway. So anyway, went out at like 7, planning to go home at 8:30 after selling the book, but ended up coming home at like almost 1 am orzzzzzzzzzzz

And today, went to take some pics at Toogood Pond, weather is so-so, cloudy, but at least it didn’t rain. Walked around, took some pics, and ended up spending most of the time playing pool with my friend lol. That’s like the only highlight of the day =p

Hey, at least almost 10+ hours of darts waiting for me at noon lol.



Darts Tournament!

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Wow it was way more exciting than I thought. And way more stressful/pressure than I thought as well. I played one game of 701 (with 4 partners), a game of doubles cricket, and a game of singles 501 in the Boston Pizza at Markham Rd/14th Ave…


11th and 12th Sept!

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Yesterday was pretty good, but the after effects are terribly bad. Should have wore a jacket the entire since it was frikkin cold outside. My nose was like stuffed so bad that I can barely breath both days.




So ummm yeah, that’s what I have been doing the entire day basically, love Labour Day! xDDDD

Anyway this week is going to be busy…

Tuesday: Return cam, darts friendly compeition
Wednesday: School
Thursday: Friend’s Bday party
Friday: Help friend..sorta like part time job?
Saturday: School, then ACG NA staff gathering, then help friend again…
Sunday: Darts, 2 days before *REAL* competition orz

Tired from 11 hours of darts…

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Still lots of improvement to go through. Still 9 more days to go…bah screw it just going to rest up~

Made some change in the way I hold and throw my darts…which means I have to readjust my aiming again…so troublesome, but it’s really necessary, I can’t believe how bad my form is when I saw my recorded form on video orzzzzzzzzz I was like a pitcher throwing a baseball UGH Seriously, it’s so bad that if it’s someone else throwing like that, I will tell him that he should just play baseball instead. I am really shock that my instructors just keep saying that “I need to change my form”…seriously such kind words orz But anyway, at least I have the correct form now and hopefully I can get my aiming back before the tournament starts next Tuesday orz.

In other news, bought another Fujifilm HS10 via Future Shop which is on sale. Saved 10% compare to what I paid when I got it in August. Now just going to refund the old one…I wish I can pricematch but it won’t be possible since the sale ends on Tuesday morning, and FS will not be open tmr. Oh well….at least it $50 saved 😀

*Phew* Almost late thanks to darts again!


Oops, Almost late, good thing I made it. Been going to darts this past two days orz Might really have to make it my second home before the tournament xD

I switched from 33 grams to 24 grams, and my arms are noticably not as tired after 3-4 hours of playing. Back then I can barely get up to the upper Pokies half of the dart board after a few hours…guess it is time to get my own set of darts. Accuracy to singles are not a problem although I still miss from time to time, but I really need to focus on doubles since they are needed to close games out on 501…

Darts tournament in 11 days. BRING IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNN~