This is trouble…

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Short April test post with Embedded tweet!

Yip, looks like trouble BUT!

…of course I have more than one credit card, and of course I will be able to pay it off. I better be able to.

It’s that time of the semester again…

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The pic can only mean one thing: “orz”

…yip end of the semester. Which can only mean two things: end of semester report, exam, or both.

And unfortunately, it’s both for me. orz


Capital One Aspire Mastercard Focus Group


Sorry for the lack of posts, but I am not posting a dart league game post because I played like complete shit on Tuesday night. So bad that I think I need to take a break from darts…so here is a post on something positive! xD


My Foreign Currency collection!

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Trust me I am so ready to travel…some MOP, HKD, CDN, $317 USD from Princess, and 64k yen from my imouto-chan. xDDDDD

Will that be enough for 8 days in Japan? …and at least 2 days in Akihabara? Should I bring extra credit cards just in case? lol Well I am not even in Japan yet, and I already spent close to 2k already, so facepalm =p

So what am I looking to buy once I get there? Here is the list so far:

– PG Gundam 00 Raiser
– Yui/Mugi Live Stage Set nendoroid
– Cospa Dakimakura body
– Yosuga no Sora game/merchandise
– Airi figures that I don’t have
– JFA 2010 jacket
– 5 cm/s DVD
– Laputa DVD

Doesn’t look that much, but I am sure they are not going to be cheap. TBH I am sure there’s more, just couldn’t get them out of my head for now =p

Badminton is tiring…but refreshing? lol

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WOW, I can’t believe that this is the 2nd time that I played badminton in the past two weeks. xD

No, seriously! lol


Wow money STILL flowing out like CRAZY orz

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OTL. Nuff said?

This is a continuation of the last “money is flowing out like crazy post” xD (well not really funny in reality)

So as you can see above, just registered for two courses for 2011 and it will cost $3215 total orz. Thank since I have already predicted something like this might happen, I already refunded my beloved Fujifilm HS10, as some of you have noticed that I used a different camera for the AMEX event. I am also very excited (or sad, depends on how I look at it), that the spending does NOT stop here. Got to request and mail two more transcripts and apply for a new program…omg this is not going to be pretty on my credit card bill and bank accounts orz

Well all I gotta say is this is for my career and future, so that’s money that MUST be spent. Just bitching about it thats all lol One thing I can say though, I probably won’t be spending much on loot/toys for myself anytime soon. But on food? the occasionally dinner is still good, especially Hooters xDDD Good thing that there are nothing that I really wanted except those few nendoroids. Else I will be in DEEP trouble (get = trouble, not get = really want orz).

Not going to write a darts report for yesterda, as it was pretty bad at the end (well not darts related though)…and it got me really pissed. REALLY REALLY pissed and fixing it is troubling…orz

Just redeemed $150 worth of GCs…

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…because I can, and it’s free xDDD Finally RBC benefits me instead of giving me headaches for a change. Let’s just hope they get to me quickly and safely *knocks on wood*

AMEX Event 21/09/10

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So after the already awesome Hooters dinner with friends on Monday, I went to an even MORE awesome AMEX event where the new Gold Rewards Card is announced.