Epic Dinner @ Momiji!!!!!

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Tonight’s dinner is awesome. Nuff said? xD


Hooters 20/09/10

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Okay finally doing my Hooters post. Well it was sorta a normal day until I have to run just to catch the bus. I NEVER drive to DT as the traffic is horrible and the parking fees are even worst. Kinda sucks that the price of a day pass is $12.40 now. I remember it used to be $11.90. 50 cent increase, won’t kill me but worth to mention since it will probably be $12.90 in a few years =p Anyway, me, princess, hitori-sama was talking about going to a bar after a trip to Boston Pizza, but somehow we decided to go for unlimited wings so we chose Hooters. I mean, $9.99 UNLIMITED WINGS. Almost impossible to find this days xD I was looking for people to come also, got two (ningyo and khoa), but sadly ningyo decided to ditch us because he “wasn’t smart enough to finish a project that’s due next day” (his words, not mine xD)…but glad Khoa did make it~

So the bus trip is actually very smooth until it went on Lake Shore. Turning to Bay Street took almost 10 minutes which is *facepalmmmmmmmmmmmmm* I rather the driver drop me off before the turn, I am sure I will get to Union Station before it does. Afterwards, walked around a bit to get toothpaste from Rexall, since there is none in my washroom and they have this promo where 2 tubs of toothpaste gets you 5 air miles. Since I am going for the Gold Air Miles program, I need to shop at 5 different sponsors and get 1000 air miles before at the end of the year. So Rexall makes it my 4th sponsor and i’ll just need to get LCBO as my last one. Easy xD The 1000 air miles? I will get it, somehow =p

So after I got my toothpaste and after some walking, arrived at Hooters. The waitresses are not as hot as I thought but their bodies are all *thumbs up* Seeing that I was the first one to arrive, looked around and took some pictures, and noticed that 75% of the customers are males…being quite obvious am I? xD Good thing they have free wifi too, so I was tweeting all that time until the rest came in. It’s all wings afterwards. Only 7 flavours and to be honest, they don’t really taste that good, but guess I can’t complain since I am only paying $10 for them. I ate 35 wings at the end, princess 42 (!!!), hitori-sama 35, and khoa 30. The bill turned out to be $110 with alcohol, sides and what not…pretty good deal I have to say xD I also got to take a pic with one of the waitresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly highlight of the night xD (the other is when I almost got on the wrong bus on the way back…see I am still a bus noob xDDD)

This is a post brought to you by Delon when he is 95% sleepy (wow i wrote way more than I thought i would)…ummm so yeah oyasumi xD (LOTS of rest needed for darts tomorrow! gotta go kick some ass!)

AMEX Event 21/09/10

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So after the already awesome Hooters dinner with friends on Monday, I went to an even MORE awesome AMEX event where the new Gold Rewards Card is announced.