Nov 2012 – June 2013 Update

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Can I have her as my pet please? ^^o

HOLY, has been more than 8 months since my last update orz Reason? I really don’t know tbh. One can say that I was feeling lazy but I don’t think that’s the true answer. I wanted to write a 2012 year in review back during Christmas but I did not. I wanted to write one during my B-day in January but I did not (although tbh, nothing really happened that day). I wanted to write about how the company year end and audit basically murdered me of any outside life (not that I have any to begin with) and my body (as in weight because of all those working dinners) but I did not. I REALLY wanted to write that I was going to HK/Macau but I did not. I also wanted to write about all THESE NEW STUFF that I bought for myself but I did not. So why why why?? Guess I am sort of settling into this work-sleep-watch anime routine almost everyday, and I think the major thing is I am not really angry/pissed enough to rant about anything. It’s good in a way right? Right? …right? xDDDDDD

Anyway, please allow me to express in point form notes what happened since my last entry.


August/September/October/November 2012 Update!

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The ONLY credit card one would ever need IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME.

Wow, cant believe it has been more than 3 months since I last wrote! Not a lot has really happened this few months hence the lack of posts. I guess the only thing that has really happened is work, work, work, and more work. However, November is quite different. I finally have my ceremony, my certificates…the moment that makes me realize that all these years of studying and working hard have not gone to waste.

Anyhow let’s get into it.


Finally some *minor* site work!

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*aims at style.css file*

…so yay, after God knows how long, finally did something to the layout of the blog! …well a little xD


It’s that time of the semester again…

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The pic can only mean one thing: “orz”

…yip end of the semester. Which can only mean two things: end of semester report, exam, or both.

And unfortunately, it’s both for me. orz


Bitch + New job + Doing my part for Japan!


No, only one of them is for myself xD

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and yeah there were quite a few changes since that time…


New Job!


To myself xD

So yeah, got a new job last Friday. FINALLY! It’s been a while since I wanted to work somewhere else. But then to be honest, I didn’t itensify on my job search until mid-jan so it took me a month, which I think took longer than I expected orz But hey, it’s funny, I did the phone interview on Thursday, they wanted to see me in person on Friday noon, and then I was asked to work on Monday on Friday afternoon. Like they say, when it comes, it’s FASTTTTTTTTTTTT.


Happy Chinese New Year + My Aeroplan Elite “Package”!

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I wish there is something like that in Toronto…YEAH DREAM ON *facepalm*

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Wish you all (and by that I mean this blog’s visitors…anyone there?!) happiness, good health and earn alot of money this year!




Yes I will xDDDDDDD

Wow it has been quite sometime that I have written a post xD In fact, this is my first post of 2011 orz *facepalm* But since it’s my bday, I believe it warrents a post, not just ANY post, but the first post of the year~xDDDDDDDDDDD


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