This is trouble…

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Short April test post with Embedded tweet!

Yip, looks like trouble BUT!

…of course I have more than one credit card, and of course I will be able to pay it off. I better be able to.

First 2012 Post/January 2012 Update

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If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I am the penguin with the bra on the head xDD

First of all, want to wish everyone a happy new year, and a happy Chinese new year! Yes, I know I am late with both again, sorry about that! xDDD


December 2011 Update/End of the Year Post

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Sums up my year perfectly, put it in my microwave, heat it up, eat it away!

Wow an end of the year post! Merry belated Christmas, Happy belated Boxing Day! …orz yes I am late, but better than never right? xDDD


November 2011 Update


Addition fail. And this person wants to be ACCOUNTANT?! Seriously?!

Wow, it has been sometime since I last posted. First of all, some news regarding my goals…


Been a while…

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So yeah, umm, wow…been more than 2.5 months since I last blogged orz. Now I usually spend most of time on Twitter, and there is nothing really worth blogging this past 2 months. Well it was terrible to say the least about this past two months.


Wow money STILL flowing out like CRAZY orz

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OTL. Nuff said?

This is a continuation of the last “money is flowing out like crazy post” xD (well not really funny in reality)

So as you can see above, just registered for two courses for 2011 and it will cost $3215 total orz. Thank since I have already predicted something like this might happen, I already refunded my beloved Fujifilm HS10, as some of you have noticed that I used a different camera for the AMEX event. I am also very excited (or sad, depends on how I look at it), that the spending does NOT stop here. Got to request and mail two more transcripts and apply for a new program…omg this is not going to be pretty on my credit card bill and bank accounts orz

Well all I gotta say is this is for my career and future, so that’s money that MUST be spent. Just bitching about it thats all lol One thing I can say though, I probably won’t be spending much on loot/toys for myself anytime soon. But on food? the occasionally dinner is still good, especially Hooters xDDD Good thing that there are nothing that I really wanted except those few nendoroids. Else I will be in DEEP trouble (get = trouble, not get = really want orz).

Not going to write a darts report for yesterda, as it was pretty bad at the end (well not darts related though)…and it got me really pissed. REALLY REALLY pissed and fixing it is troubling…orz

Wow money flowing out like CRAZY orz

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Those are the batteries and chargers that I bought from Dell ($18 per pack!). Well I was suppose to buy only one pack, but fucking Dell couldn’t fucking cancel my order in time so I ended up with two. Their cancel process is REALLY gay.


Radio experience!


Just went and did a live, on-air radio show yesterday (11 pm?). Yes I am serious. Went to fill in for someone who “was on holiday” probably because of 50% decrease in wages xD (don’t ask me why!) I don’t know how I survived at the end, but I know I could have done better. The show is about ghost stories, which is not one of my favourite things to talk about…well in fact I hate it. Not that I am afraid of ghosts (since I don’t believe in them at all), but I just don’t like talking about them (yes I do watch scary movies and read scary books if I have to). Well it was a good experience but like I said, I could have did my research and rehearse a few times before I go…laziness prevailed orz (Hey it was a Saturday)

I guess I am the type of person who can be euthuastic when I am doing something that I support (Orlando Magic?) or I really like (Kanon!!), but can be the complete opposite when doing something I don’t like (LA Lakers)/not believe in (Ghosts).

I don’t know if I want to do it again if the person asked me again…probably no unless it’s sports and anime related xD (well if he is going to ask me back again, that is~)

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