Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku EP 1


Why can’t someone like her welcome me to their school back then?!

I should hit myself back then when I said I want to give this a try first…stupid me. This series is added to my Must Watch List. Don’t you think Erika (girl in pic) is hot????? Kinda sucks that she is a vampire though…and got ditched when trying to confess to our main character Youhei xDDD It’s also funny when she got asked “are they real” in the bath house xDD and her reply? “OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!!!!!” xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Anyway, the second the op came up, is the same second that I decide that this is a MUST WATCH this season. Yes I am evil indeed =p

So yeah, anime count for now is 8, and I am deciding if I should add soredemo as well. Index is a NO, still too much talking. And for this season I will be subbing Yosuga no Sora with a new group called W**N**. I will start subbing ep 2 and ep 1 will come later. Expect some good stuff soon!

Too sleepy, me out~