My Foreign Currency collection!

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Trust me I am so ready to travel…some MOP, HKD, CDN, $317 USD from Princess, and 64k yen from my imouto-chan. xDDDDD

Will that be enough for 8 days in Japan? …and at least 2 days in Akihabara? Should I bring extra credit cards just in case? lol Well I am not even in Japan yet, and I already spent close to 2k already, so facepalm =p

So what am I looking to buy once I get there? Here is the list so far:

– PG Gundam 00 Raiser
– Yui/Mugi Live Stage Set nendoroid
– Cospa Dakimakura body
– Yosuga no Sora game/merchandise
– Airi figures that I don’t have
– JFA 2010 jacket
– 5 cm/s DVD
– Laputa DVD

Doesn’t look that much, but I am sure they are not going to be cheap. TBH I am sure there’s more, just couldn’t get them out of my head for now =p