Been slacking on blogging orz


Yes I agree.

Sorry that I have been slacking on blogging, but thanks to twitter and this season’s anime, blogging time has decreased dramatically. So basically my weekly schedule is like this at night:

Monday: watch/sub Yosuga no Sora, watch Ika Musume -AND/OR- school
Tuesday: Darts competition
Wednesday: Watch kaminomi -AND/OR- school
Thursday: Watch Amagami, sometimes darts.
Friday: Watch Akai Yakusoku and Soraoto
Saturday: Watch Bakuman
Sunday: -Whole day- Darts and watch oreimo

So that’s my schedule for this fall, hmm, way busier than usual. Well that and I have been lazy. Taking three tech courses is good because there are rarely any exams, but the bad thing is assignments and projects.

That’s about it. I am sure I will have more to write about when stuff comes up…well I hope that everything goes normally tbh.