Sora no Otoshimono Forte EP 1

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What better way to start off the fall anime season with my #1 anime? Trust me, the 1st season is WIN. WIN. AND MORE WIN. Actually I wanted to use something more win as the post pic but I don’t want to get killed for it when it shows up as the preview pic on fb xDDDD

The op, for this ep at least, it’s the same one as last season (Ring my Bell). However, it’s performed by Tomoki ant it shows him hunting for ero-hon and it’s just winnnnnnnnnn xD The ending was sorta boring, but I expect it to be different for every ep just like last season.

Nothing really happened this episode except for some dream diving and the 3-5 second appearance of Astraea. The dream diving was a little meh~ until you hit Sohara’s dream. OMG she can become any male’s ultimate gf when she is dreaming. Seriously she is even worst than Tomoki in terms of ecchi’ness lmao xDDDDDDD

Everyone please watch this series even if you haven’t watched the old one last season (unless you hate ecchi jokes). THIS SERIES IS THAT GOOD.